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 Three Ways to Revitalize Your Home for Healthier

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When your home feels unhealthy, you don’t feel your best. Fortunately, you can DIY many
projects or hire them out. Either way, the updates will change the way you experience your

home. Whether you want to completely renovate your house or are aiming for a deep clean that
lasts, Hefty Healthy has the advice to help you reach your goals.

Keep a Cleaner, Fresher Home

A healthier house promotes wellness, and feeling comfortable in your surroundings is an
absolute must for decompressing at home. Start with cleaning up your space so you can enjoy it
more during your downtime.
Vacuuming regularly may rightfully feel like a chore, but doing so can keep your home cleaner
and healthier. Better Homes & Gardens quotes experts at Dyson who say vacuuming twice a
week is ideal. You should also vacuum couch cushions, window treatments, and even ceilings
(with a brush attachment), per the experts.
Regular vacuuming removes dust mites, allergens, pet dander, and more; it can even help
minimize respiratory issues. Yet a clogged-up vacuum filter can result in allergens spreading
around your home. To keep things as clean as possible, learn how to clean a vacuum filter and
do so regularly.
Another way to avoid respiratory and other health issues is by maintaining proper humidity in
your house. Controlling moisture, explains the Environmental Protection Agency, minimizes the
growth of biological pollutants like mold. Sealing leaks and air seepage, using fans to circulate
air, and avoiding water leaks help keep things dry.

Hire Out Home Renovations

Some home projects may require the help of professionals. If expanding your home is on the to-
do list, for example, you’ll need a contractor’s assistance. Improvements like replacing windows
(more sunlight is always healthy), removing walls (open floorplans are always in), or renovating
the kitchen or bathroom are likely not DIY-friendly.
Spending money on renovations can pay off later, however. Some improvements can help
increase your home value if you reappraise or sell down the line. Keep records of all changes,
snap before and after photos, and store receipts to back up your claims.
Many upgrades, like a new kitchen or renovated bathroom, are appealing to prospective buyers.
Appraisals involve multiple factors, including the home’s updates and comparable homes
nearby. Other homes in your neighborhood can also offer inspiration for features buyers are
looking for.

DIY a Healthier Space

Not every home project is large-scale enough to warrant hiring professional help. There are
ways to refresh your home with decor, furnishings, and revitalized outdoor spaces.

For example, incorporating more light fixtures (using energy-saving LED bulbs) can brighten
your space and your mood. Natural light is preferable, so it might be time for new curtains, but
artificial light is better than a dimly lit space.
Repainting your home’s interior—even a single room—is another way to brighten things up.
Zero-VOC paints are a greener alternative to traditional products and involve fewer fumes.
Choosing bright colors helps rooms feel bigger, while accent walls or decor can add interest.
Gardening is a less common way to refresh your home, whether you grow food, flowers, or eye-
catching foliage. Cut flowers for the dinner table, harvest greens for lunch, and enjoy time
outdoors in the fresh air. Keeping plants indoors also has health benefits; Healthline notes that
plants can lower stress, help people recover from illness faster, and even boost productivity.

Creating a healthy home is about more than cleaning up or buying new decor. But there are
many things you can do to revive your home and make it cozier, cleaner, and more comfortable.
Depending on what updates you make, you may even benefit financially from refinancing or
selling your home based on its new value.

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