Tips for Remote Working Parents

Block By Block: Survival Tips for Remote Working
Parents With Toddlers/Babies 

 When you’ve got toddlers and/or babies, working from home can quickly become chaotic.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tried and tested strategies to help you manage and even thrive

in this challenging state of affairs - here are a few to consider.


When you’re balancing deadlines and diapers, it’s important to be aware of space. Creating

clear parameters around the area that you live or work in can help you to find balance between

your personal and work affairs.

● Workspace: You can start by designating a specific area in your home as your

workspace and try to keep this as child-free as possible. If you can’t physically create

barriers, consider investing in a good quality noise-canceling headset to help block out

any background noise and interruptions.

● Decluttering: A cluttered and disorganized home can quickly add to your stress levels,

so try to keep your living space as tidy and organized as possible. This might involve

setting aside a specific time each day for cleaning and decluttering or simply making a

point to put things away as you go - you’ll find no shortage of guides to help with this


● Relaxation: Mental space and physical space are often intertwined, and having room to

enjoy relaxation is critical if you want to survive remote working with kids. Try to open up

some floor space to be used for yoga and meditation by rearranging furniture or

reallocating objects to other, lesser-used rooms.


If you’re managing work and family obligations simultaneously, it’s important to reach out for

help - help in the modern age can take many forms, not always human.

● Technology: There are many tools and resources available to help remote-working

parents stay organized and on track. Consider using a task management app to keep on

top of your to-do list or setting up video calls with your child daycare or school to stay in

the loop. You could also look into voice-activated home assistants to see if these can aid

with basic tasks.

● Friends and Family: Don't be afraid to ask for help from your family and friends (if your

child has thinking difficulties, this is still sometimes possible). They may be able to take

your child for a few hours, so you can have some dedicated work time or even just offer

an ear when you need to vent.

Added Tips

If you want to maintain your sanity whilst working remotely with toddlers and babies, you’ll need

to implement a few additional, practical measures.

● Clothing: Comfortable clothing is a blessing when it comes to long hours spent

working/caring. Nursing bras, for example, provide extra support in addition to easy

access when it comes time to breastfeed. Visit online marketplaces to find top-rated bras

that you can add to a shopping cart whilst stocking up on essentials like diapers and


Boundaries: Adopting a hard stance when it comes to boundaries will protect you from

being overburdened by others. This includes setting limits with work and making sure

you have time for your family. Be clear on work hours and stick to them, or simply say no

to additional tasks or projects if you're feeling overwhelmed.

Kids and work don’t always gel (as many of us working from home have quickly discovered). It

is possible, however, to adjust your daily routines to facilitate both sides of life. Take some time

to think about what you can change to benefit both yourself and your kids.

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