Goodwill Family and friends holiday event

Goodwill Career and Resource Center Event!

As of last Thursday Goodwill hosted a celebratory event for friends and family as well for anyone else that is precepting in any class Goodwill has to offer there was games, food, virtual reality, giveaways, and more!

Everyone knows the last few years was tuff but with me trying to get things done and get in a good place where I am secure while following my goals and etc. Goodwill is definitely a big help with getting a few paychecks in my pocket, hotspot, and even a free one semester ride to go to community collage I am definitely look forward in the future now hoping by next year I would have a good well paying job while following my other goals in the med to long term future!

But anyway I please encourage you to check out the vlog and see what's up with Goodwill and every thing they have in store!


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