Celebrating the holidays alone?


How to Cope and Deal With Spending Thanksgiving Alone

Most people spend thanksgiving with their families or loved ones but uniformly there is some that just don't have the option or not on good therms with there friends or family or for whatever reason they are simply not in contact with there family or friends so what is someone to do on a holiday without no one to spend it with how does one even cope?

Well as of now I have a few suggestions for both of those questions. But for one thing for starters you are not alone many people spend the holidays alone whether they want it or not but why do some people end up alone for the holidays and why do some people choose to stay alone? 
So I am just wanting to give my opinion and perhaps a few facts.

Ways to Cope With Loneliness 

  • Volunteering
  • Joining a school club, or an organization
  • Get a pet
  • Strengthen your existing relationships
  •   Reach out online! 

My Opinion about the Topic

In my personal opinion for one thing you are definitely not the only one going thru something such as being alone during the holidays but knowing who to reach out to and who you can talk to is definitely a step forward as well for knowing what you can do like keeping yourself busy with a puzzle, online gaming, or reaching out online to any off these websites!

Websites to Consider! 


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