Roots and Heritage Festival

32nd Annual Roots and Heritage Festival 2022

Finally this year after two years of cancelation due to COVID-19 the roots and heritage festival is now celebrating its 32nd annual festival with a parade (Didn't experience this year..😭), venders, live music, and my favorite the food!

In my experience the festival was just as as great as two year ago with live music and the line ups being..Anonimuss Rose, Distinguished Minds, Rhythm & Soul Band
Devine Carama, Sheryl Rouse Band, Black National Anthem/Wishing Wells, Terry Harris Band Party Train
Click below and see for yourself!👇
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"The colorful pageantry of the festival, combined with its high quality offerings of cultural and educational programs, has earned its recognition as one of the Top Twenty Events in the Southeast by the Southeast Tourism Society." ~ rootsfestky


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