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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Halloween Festival


🎃 Halloween Festival 🍂

On Sunday October the 24th was the annual Halloween Festival, where hundreds of Kentucky citizens goes to see and admire the Parade, Food, and Other Entertainment!

Besides the rising number of covid-19 cases Lexington, KY still managed to have the annual Halloween CELABERATION! 

The past year was hard on everyone but as the United States races to come up with a full proof vaccine and other underlying issues in America, I think it's finally good that people are starting to get into the new norm while still being safe while having a good time. So please I encourage others with interest to find a red jacket and join the party in the years to come.

The evening’s festivities also included a Halloween variety show, with performances by Lexington-area arts groups.

There was a verity of food venders as well including: Go, go burgers, Sam's Hotdog Stand, Hot Buns Food Truck, and more, I personally went to Go, go burgers. I ordered the Burden BBQ Burger.


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