Why Women Aren't Attracted to Nice Guys

 Why being the nice guy isn't worth it

For all the male viewers Most guys can't figure out why women aren't attracted to nice guys. In fact, most men have, at one point or another, uttered the phrase, "Nice guys finish last" as a way to explain their dating problems, single statuses, and more.

The concept of women not finding nice guys attractive is insanely common as a belief. In fact, it's become enmeshed in our culture. It's a movie trope, a rom-com classic, and some guys actually will go out of their way to say they are nice guys because of it.

What most men don't understand is that women do find nice guys attractive, but they don't find Nice Guys attractive in the least bit. Though they may think they see the difference, the truth is that the vast majority of single guys I've met don't.

Or rather, they can't. Here's why women aren't attracted to Nice Guys, but why they do tend to fawn over guys who are nice.

What is a Nice Guy?

In order to understand why women aren't attracted to Nice Guys, you need to know what a Nice Guy is.

A Nice Guy is a man who is nice for the sake of getting a girl's number. He prides himself on being a gentleman—sort of. Rather, he's not really a gentleman. He believes that being polite or going out of his way means that he will get a girlfriend or sex.

He's a doormat of sorts, primarily because he's worried that anything he says even remotely sideways could upset girls and make them walk away. He doesn't really show his real personality. He is often insecure and has very unrealistic ideas about how courtship really works.

In other words, a Nice Guy is a person who tends to view women as dating sims. To a Nice Guy, a woman's interest or attraction to him doesn't really factor into the equation. Moreover, they tend to believe that love should involve a "fair chance," even though they themselves wouldn't give an unattractive girl a chance.

Nice Guys often believe that manners or employment alone entitles them to a date. They often lack social skills. Simply put, they are guys who were raised on badly written, cliche rom-coms and believe that they are how dating should work.

Now, you might already notice a lot of reasons why women wouldn't want to date a Nice Guy. However, it's really important to dish out every aspect of it in detail so that you get a full understanding about why Nice Guys aren't dateable in most women's eyes.


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