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To interrupt the curve and contain the coronavirus as soon as possible, it’s better if we all stay at home and practice some social distancing.

On one hand, it’s a dream scenario to finally finish reading that book you’ve been meaning to dedicate time to for ages, whilst on the other hand, it’s the biggest nightmare. To give you some good courage and to prevent boredom, Holidu has listed the best at-home activities for you!

1. Movie night with travel films

What is the main thing that we can only dream about at the moment? Travelling! Sadly, travelling is not possible for the time being, so all that remains is to keep dreaming and making new plans for the future. So, have a great movie night with the best travel movies and documentaries available. On Netflix there are quite a few travel-related movies and documentaries to be found, for example, Expedition Happiness, Tales by Night, Our Planet, Wild, Elsewhere. Alone in Africa. Grab your popcorn!

2. Become the next master chef

Now that we’re all done hoarding the essentials, there’s no excuse as to why you can’t conjure up the best dishes on the table. Finally, you have the time to fire up a meal in the slow cooker for 5 hours or to try out tricky recipes. Are you missing travelling already? Then take the time to cook a delicious Pad Thai or prepare a Greek salad.
4. Volunteering
Research volunteering opportunities in your city and mark down the most interesting ones. When the quarantines and isolation ends, we’ll still be in a pretty precarious situation. Making a personal contribution is the best way to show the world you care.
5 . Get Creative
It may not be easy to come up with ideas. There is a plethora of classes to take online and new things to learn to do. Once you have looked around the Web, sit down and write a list of things you may want to learn how to do. Your list may look like this –
 I want to:
  • Learn Italian.
  • Learn to bake a Cheesecake.
  • Learn how to dance Salsa.
  • Learn to Draw/Paint.
  • Learn how to make a container garden.
6. Connect With Others
Whether you are a person who is dying because of social distancing or you are a person who has enjoyed the time to slow down, staying in touch with those you do life with can be a key to keeping boredom away. There are many ways to reach out and/or stay connected with people.
Some ways include:
  • Writing a letter to a friend — tell them what you like about them, why you miss being around them, what fun things you can do together once this is over.
  • Have a Virtual Brunch or a Virtual Happy Hour on video chat. 
  • Make a homemade card and mail to those you care about.
  • Have a Virtual Dance Party.
7. Practice Gratitude
Seeking gratitude and thankfulness will help you appreciate what you have. I love the memes that remind me: “I’m not STUCK at HOME, but I AM SAFE AT HOME.” That statement reinforces to me that I have options and opportunities where others may not. Make a list of everything that you are thankful for or list five things at the end of each day.
I can now see why kids say, “I’m Bored!” But I’ve learned that boredom is neither a fact or fiction, but rather, a choice of my perspective
I chose NOT to be bored.

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