Tips to keep yourself safe from COVID-19

Doubtlessly, COVID-19 has caused an alarming situation globally and the pandemic is on nerves for everyone whether they be public or healthcare providers. The wave of stress has decreased the immunity in people and the negativity and depression caused by media is gaining severity day by day. To be on an honest side, the virus is no joke and is really a life-taking illness. But on the other side, it is clearly life-taking for those with weakened immune system like any other ailment can be life-taking for such people. The people mostly getting suffered from it belong to an age group of 60-80 years or have some severe medical history. 

On the bright side, the youngsters with a stable immune system are less prone to catching it and if caught, their immunity is developed enough to fight it on its own. The span of getting cured from this viral infection 10-15 days normally while it may vary depending on the immunity and medical history of the patient. 

Tips to avoid and survive Coronavirus

Considering all the facts and research reports, a brief set of tips have been gathered for your benefit:

Practice all the precautionary measures but don't over do anything

Healthcare professionals and Government officials of all countries have put forward a defined set of precautionary measures to be practiced by public. These include washing hands appropriately, sanitizing, disinfecting surfaces in homes and workplaces, wearing masks and gloves and avoiding physical contact. 

Practicing these are enough to be on the safer side but overdoing things like taking bath multiple times a day just for changing your clothes every now and then and washing all grocery items as soon as they arrive are all an extra mile for it. These would not save you but would always leave your troubled and tired for nothing. 

Don't have the virus on your nerves always 

If you have the Corona virus on your mind all the time, you are more prone to catch it irrespective of how much you are avoiding it. Our nerve cells and brains are trained to catch on the things we care the most about. Instead, it is advised to take it serious but lightly to avoid depressing yourself.

Stay positive about the whole scenario

If the news bulletin makes you frightened and stressed with hearing all those negative news, avoid hearing it for the strength and positivity inside you. Avoid everything that supports the negative side of your mind and focus more on the things that keep you and your mind at peace. It would strengthen your your immune system and would decrease your chances to catch this deadly virus. 

If you catch the virus, stay calm and isolate yourself

While working your best to avoid the virus, if you happen to still catch it, there is no need to panic. Immediately isolate yourself if you observe any symptoms and believe in your speedy recovery. You can keep your doctor informed about your condition through phone and can take appropriate prescriptions according to your condition. Appropriate isolation would help you recover within 10-15 days. 

Lastly, try spending this time with positive people around you. The more positive and happier you are, the less you would focus on the virus. Spend time with your pet, cook food to your family and have a catch-up with everyone living with you or far away. The most importantly, have a firm belief that this time would soon pass and stay positive for the future! 

Hope you enjoyed this article and we will keep sharing more authentic content for helping you get through this. Stay tuned!

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