7 Perfect Morning Routine Tips!

7 Things You Can Do to Create a Perfect Morning Routine

Establishing a consistent early routine helps you have a more productive and healthier day. When you start early and accomplish tasks before you head off to work, it leaves you in a positive frame of mind and sets a productive tone for your day. But what if you aren’t a morning person or have a busy family life? Don’t worry, a morning routine does not mean you need to awaken by 4:00 AM. It only means you need to set aside a little bit of extra time every day, and accomplish tasks that are important to you.

The following 17 ideas are simply inspiration to get you started. Choose the tasks that make the most sense for your lifestyle and add them in slowly. Remember, morning routines are the most powerful when they require as little decision-making as possible, so automate what you can!

How to Create a Perfect Morning Routine:

Wake up earlier

Getting up 30 – 60 minutes earlier gives you the time you need to accomplish your habits and start your morning out on a positive note. If you aren’t a morning person start with 30 minutes and slowly increase your wake up time.


Take a few minutes to stretch your body from head to toe. It energizes your body and gets the blood circulating. It helps clear tension from the previous day and smooth out any kinks from an odd sleep position.

Drink water

Your body hasn’t had any hydration for several hours. Drinking water will help remove waste from your body, improve concentration, and gives you an energy boost. Add lemon for flavor and a little vitamin C.

Weigh yourself

Weighing yourself first thing in the morning, whether it’s daily or weekly, helps you adjust your health and fitness goals. Weight can fluctuate day to day, but if the scale has been down or up for several days in a row it’s a trend worth paying attention to! 

Take a shower

A warm shower will help you feel revived and energized. Showering in peace, before anyone else wakes, can also feel like a small luxury.

Set or review your goals

We all have things we want to accomplish. Both long and short term goals give you a clear cut idea on what to strive for and add some structure to your day. What will your life look like when you achieve your goals? Reviewing your goals helps keep you on track and make tweaks as necessary.

Prioritize your day

Take a moment to review the day’s to-do list and prioritize them in order of importance and urgency. Which are going to have you feeling the most accomplished and satisfied for the day? Focus on accomplishing the three most important and urgent tasks.

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