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Hello, so I am going to discuss some more about me and this blog. First off I hope everyone is being safe and staying healthy out there but to talk more about me I want to firstly say that I am not a vegan, life coach, or some health fanatic. I like "Stake & Shake" I do work out when ever I can but not all to long I'd say maybe two to three hours per-week. I know that's laughable if compared to people like Jeanette Jenkins, or Jen Selter. but anyhow I like helping people giving tips and tricks when people need them if your having body issues, dieting issues, mental issues, financial issues, depression, homelessness etc. I will try my hardest to research and touch base on all the topics. Bring awareness to all of this. As well for even collaborate or linking with others through out this blog journey!

-Thank you, and stay safe! 😁

Hello, my name is Chris I like to thank you for checking out my blog! So what is the purpose of this blog? My answer to that is helping others have clarity and a peace of mind. While being educated with things and information that can be used in your daily life! So I hope you enjoy. Also please I encourage you to subscribe to the News Steller for updates and other info. Thank you, Chris

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